Whether you need Spanish translation, Spanish or English proofreading, or live, Spanish-English interpretation, I have the expertise that guarantees your message is precisely honed for your audience. Below are some examples of the types of material I typically translate, but the sky’s the limit. 


Translation and Proofreading :

  • Marketing Materials (magazines, web sites, brochures, advertisements, product labels)
  • Corporate Communications (press releases, speeches, presentations, manuals)
  • Publications (magazines, newsletters, book manuscripts)
  • Medical (records, consumer information, articles)
  • Personal Documents (INS forms, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses, school transcripts)
  • Legal Documents (Contracts, agreements, court orders)



  • Medical Services
  • Social Services
  • Education

As a registered nurse I regularly provide interpretation for doctor appointments, emergency services, hospitals, pre-op and post-op care, and meetings with social workers and health care professionals. My experience  interpreting in educational settings includes, but is not limited to, parent-teacher conferences and Individual Education Plan (IEP) appointments.


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All services are tailored to suit your project needs. Please contact me to discuss.



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